World Team

The World Team is an international Large Group Performance in which gymnasts from all over the world can take part. What is special, is that it is not connected with any group, but all of those who participate in the World Gymnaestrada can take part, even individuals. Check out the training- and show programme!

This year’s choreographers are: Danique van ‘t Erve & Anouk van ‘t Erve. The group will do a performance to the music of Lady Gaga.
The song ‘Born this Way’ symbolises ‘Gymnastics for all’.

“I’m beautiful in my way, I’m on the right track, baby. I was Born This Way”.

A song to eliminate prejudice against others and allow everyone to be themselves. When we think of Amsterdam, we think of a diversity of cultures. A place where everyone can be who they want to be and where inclusion is very important. At the World Gymnaestrada we can all be ourselves and appreciate the World Team.

Danique and Anouk take you through all the steps of the dance to the song Born This Way by Lady Gaga! See the instruction videos below.

‘Born This Way’ also bridges the connection with the Pride which takes place in Amsterdam at the same time as the Gymnaestrada.

Props: The official prop of the World Team Performance, the fan (€2,00), is organized by the LOC and mandatory for each participant of the World Team. The purchase of the special World Team T-shirt for the performance (€10,50) is optional. A ‘nice to have’ memory of participating in the World Team performance!

Furthermore, we ask participants to wear black pants and if you do not purchase a World Team T-shirt, to put on a brightly colored T-shirt.

For the written out choreography part 1 see: Choreography World Team part 1 written out WG2023
For the written out choreography part 2 see: Choreography World Team part 2 written out WG2023 
For the written out choreography part 3 (complete dance) see: WG2023_Choreography World Team written out part 3

Good luck with practicing!

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