Olympic Champion 2012, World Champion 2013, 2014 & 2018

‘As a doctor, athlete and young father, I know how important exercise is in our daily lives, irrespective of how old we are. The World Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam would provide an enormous boost to the work of the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation in encouraging children and adults to start and continue exercising.’


Winner European Games 2015


European Champion 2018, Olympic Champion 2016

“As sisters we regard the gymnastics community, perhaps more than most, as family. And imagine how wonderful it would be if we were able to soon share and experience that passion in Amsterdam with over 18,000 people from that family of athletes. Count us in!”


The first World Gymnaestrada took place in the Dutch city of Rotterdam in 1953. It is a great honour for us to host this splendid international gymnastics event again in the Netherlands seventy years later.

We are proud that the City of Amsterdam wants to collaborate with us in giving gymnastics a boost by providing a stage for this event. Amsterdam has held the World Gymnaestrada once before. This was in 1991 and was a great success. In 2023 we set a new standard for the World Gymnaestrada. We believe it is a wonderful opportunity to focus on sustainability and to introduce surprising innovations in the field of gymnastics.

We are looking forward to the 17th World Gymnaestrada, where we would be bringing together people from all over the world at the event in Amsterdam, who share the same passion for gymnastics.

All participants, visitors, volunteers and organisers, striving together to create an unforgettable event!

Monique Kempff
Chairman of Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation


It is with great pleasure that I present to you the City of Amsterdam, with all its unique qualities. As you probably are aware, the City of Amsterdam is known worldwide for its policy that deserves the mark ‘inclusive’. The face of the City of Amsterdam is built by almost 900.000 inhabitants from approximately 180 different countries.

The City of Amsterdam wants to be the right place to work, live and play sports for each and everyone. The City of Amsterdam therefore takes great pride in offering both a unique and marvelous platform for every athlete to excel and showcase their talents and inspire people from all walks of life to participate in sports for all.

The City of Amsterdam offers the whole package. Amsterdam is easily accessible, the city has a high-profile public transport system, the city’s accommodations are state of the art and the overall sports climate is world class.

Nowhere in the world can offer what the City of Amsterdam has to offer: the city itself! With its historical beauty reflected in the eyes of those who come to admire it. Who doesn’t want to visit the City of Amsterdam?!

I hope we can welcome you in the splendid City of Amsterdam in 2023.

Femke Halsema
Mayor of Amsterdam