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Amsterdammers’ consider sport an important aspect of life and you can watch or play sports all over the city. From gymnastics to hockey, tennis, squash, ice hockey, basketball, swimming or cycling. Every day you can find sports in the city. As 53% of the citizens sport at least twice a week, Amsterdam is widely recognised as the sports city of the Netherlands.

The ambition of ‘The Sports City’ goes beyond everything we are already doing. It’s about what kind of city Amsterdam wants to be. The ambition of Sport City is to promote sport as a quality of the city and to develop sport and exercise as an integral part of the lives of Amsterdam’s citizens. With sport and exercise interwoven into everyday life, Amsterdam is a city with a huge diversity of sport and exercise facilities around every corner.

On which locations exactly will the World Gymnaestrada 2023 take place? Check it out!

RAI Amsterdam

The RAI Amsterdam convention centre is located close to the centre of Amsterdam and right next to the A10 motorway. It is the perfect location for exhibitions, parties, theatre shows and every major event. The RAI Amsterdam venue will be the heart of the event for group performances, national performances, the FIG Gala, catering, stands, media and organisation.

The address of RAI Amsterdam is: Europaplein 22, 1078 Amsterdam

Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam is a stadium with an athletics track. It is located at Stadium Square in the western part of Amsterdam South. The stadium is the iconic centrepiece of an area that shows sporting history and splendour on all fronts. It was also the venue for the World Gymnaestrada in 1991. The Olympic Stadium is the icon of Dutch Olympic Sports and the right place for new inspiration. The Olympic Stadium is the location for the opening and closing ceremonies and large group performances.

Click here to download the field plan of the Large Group Performances.

The address of Olympic Stadium is: Olympisch Stadion 2, 1076 DE Amsterdam