Gala night to display the best of Gymnastics for All #5

Friday’s FIG Gala at the World Gymnaestrada Amsterdam 2023 brings together performers from 17 nations for a show highlighting the variety and diversity of the worldwide Gymnastics for All movement.

Source: FIG

A traditional highlight of the World Gymnaestrada, the FIG Gala will take place on 4 August in front of packed audiences at Amsterdam’s RAI Convention Centre.

In total, 680 performers from 17 countries will play their part in the show which fills the Friday-night slot on the programme at each World Gymnaestrada.

“We want to show what Gymnastics for All is around the world.”

Already all 6,500 seats inside National Performance Stage 2 at the RAI have been sold for the performances at 18:00 and 21:00. There will be a final opportunity to see the show on Saturday 5 August at 10:00, for which tickets are currently still available.

The theme of the gala titled ‘Feel the Flow’ is water, which is a fitting choice given the Dutch setting of this World Gymnaestrada, according to the director, Michiel Maas (NED).“The theme is water and you can imagine why we chose that – water and the Netherlands go hand in hand,” he said. Amsterdam is literally below sea level. We stole land from the water.

“It is something that is familiar for everyone. Every country needs water, and every country can say what water means to them. That is the line running through the show.”

For the first time, the FIG Gala has a limit of one act per country. The FIG Gymnastics for All Committee highlights the importance that as many countries as possible have the opportunity to play their part. Committee member Jerome Huebscher (SUI) explained: “It is the first time we have only one group per country. It is a decision we took one year ago as it is nice to see what is going on around the world.

“That is the spirit of the FIG Gala,” added Huebscher. “We want to show what Gymnastics for All is around the world.”

More than 70 groups applied to perform in the gala when the selection process started two years ago. Given the high quality of the proposed acts the selection panel faced a difficult task in choosing the final line-up for the 90-minute show. Maas explained the various criteria involved: “We looked at different types of Gymnastics, different ages and levels, and different countries from different parts of the world.”

Hence the FIG Gala will feature a diverse range of performances from gymnasts representing all five continents, each of them eager to contribute to ensuring a high-quality showcase of World Gymnaestrada’s finest.

The rehearsals for the FIG Gala

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