#2: ‘No vaccine is needed for the World Gymnaestrada-virus!’

In August 2023, Amsterdam is the stage for the World Gymnaestrada. It is the third time that the world’s largest recreational sports event is coming to the Netherlands. It is the largest non-competitive sports event in the world. What once started in 1953 with 14 different countries and about 5000 participants, has now grown into a festival with 55 different countries and 21000 participants. Having fun, coming together and showing what you can do. That’s what it’s about!

In this section we interview participants who share their experiences. This time Henk Krols (63 years old).

I hope I can still show some back-flips by then.

What is the World Gymnaestrada to you, and why do you love it?

For me, the World Gymnaestrada is an active gymnastics holiday for the entire family. I’d love to participate in a jumping demo with my sons and enjoy all the gymnastics demonstrations. During the World Gymnaestrada, it feels like we are all part of one big family, all participants have the same goal: to be active, show off what you can do, to meet gymnastic friends from all over the world in solidarity. And, of course, going home with a lot of great memories and souvenirs, (especially clothing from other countries).

What makes you proud that the Gymnaestrada is coming to the Netherlands/Amsterdam in 2023?

In 1991, I got infected with the World Gymnaestrada-virus in Amsterdam, which I have passed on to my children. Since that time, I haven’t skipped one World Gymnaestrada and, for me, the circle is completed in 2023. I hope I can still show some back-flips by then.

Why should everyone come to Amsterdam in 2023?

Amsterdam is well known for its hospitality, and with this unique gymnastics event many people can be introduced to this amazing gymnastics party. For many members of the Dutch Federation it is a unique opportunity to see it up close, and to have fun. It will be the beginning of a positive momentum for the movement, for young and old alike. No vaccine is needed for the World Gymnaestrada-virus!

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