Media information

Dear Media,

By applying for accreditation, media accreditation applicants accept and agree to follow the conditions described in the Media Rules throughout the event.

In case of violation of any of the conditions in the Media Rules or failure to comply with instructions given on site, the FIG reserves the right to revoke the accreditation, with or without prior warning, and refuse accreditation for future FIG events.

For questions, please contact

Media accreditation process

Media accreditation applications for FIG events under Appendix A of the Media Rules must be completed and submitted online by the specified deadlines. We’ll keep you up to date on the deadline.

Accepted media representative 

Individuals may receive media credentials for FIG events provided they belong to one of the following groups:

  • Professional full-time employees of a media outlet that has the business of news gathering as its primary source of revenue.  
  • Freelance photographers or writers providing an assignment letter on company letterhead that details the actual assignment from the assigning editor.  
  • Editors or photographers of websites and blogs that are reporting for news purposes and fulfil certain criteria. 
  • Representatives of FIG affiliated or associated national federations or continental unions acting as media for their press and communication activities and / or press attachés. 
  • Rights-holding broadcasters. 
  • Approved non-rights holders.

Not accepted 

  • Those who sell photos or images.  
  •  Those involved in commercial ventures, sponsor representatives or agents.  
  • Personal page publishers, discussion boards/chat rooms, subscription-based sites and Gymnastics clubs sites.  
  • Double accreditation requests (i.e. press and delegation member).  
  • Any person who has a prior violation of any FIG Rules and Regulations and/or disregarded instructions given by FIG officials at events. 

Media quota per organisation

  • Written Press (newspaper, magazine, news websites, agencies and national federations): max. two (2) professionals per organisation; 
  • Photographer: max. one (1) professional per organisation (including national federations and with the exception of agencies); 
  • Gymnastics websites and blogs: max. one (1) EE and one (1) EEP per organisation;  
  • Radio: max. two (2) professionals per organisation;  
  • Broadcaster (non rights holder ENR): max. three (3) professionals per organization 

Media accreditation

Application for media accreditations go through the portal of the FIG and opens at June 6, 2023. Please follow the link below to enter the portal. The media registration deadline is July 11, 2023.

Media that wish to make use of the opportunity to stay at our Official Media Hotel, can put in a request via the link below. Please note, rooms are based on availability only, so make sure to pass it on as soon as possible. Please note that only accepted media may submit a request for the official media hotel.


Apply for media accreditation at the World Gymnaestrada Amsterdam 2023
Requests for a stay in the Official Media Hotel